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"You got it dude!"

Michelle Tanner is a main character in the family sitcom Full House. She was portrayed by both Mary-Kate Olson and Ashley Olsen.

     Michelle is the spoiled child of the family and she cares deeply about her Uncle Jesse.

Age:0-1 (Season 1)

   1-2 (Season 2)
   2-3 (Season 3)
   3-4 (Season 4)
   4-5 (Season 5)
   5-6 (Season 6)
   6-7 (Season 7)
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Michelle is a kind-hearted person with a heart of gold. She often turns to her family, (especially Jesse), for help on situations. As a baby, she was spoiled and Danny was too afraid to punish her as a baby. Eventually she becomes a sweet and kind girl whom everyone adores. As a baby she got numerous amounts of attention being raise her whole life by Joey Gladstone, Danny Tanner, and Jesse Cochran(Katsopolis from Season 2 onward) while Stephanie and DJ wasn't raised from Michelle's age with Three guys.


During season one of the show, Michelle became very popular with the viewing audience. At the end of season 1, The Olson twin's mother wanted to take her out of the show because she was afraid of her twins missing out on a normal childhood. After a  raise in salary, she agreed for her children to remain on the show. During season 1, Michelle was played by Ashley Olson more than Mary -Kate Olson because Mary-Kate would sometimes cry on the set. During a period in the show's run, many viewers thought that Michelle was played by one baby named Mary-Kate Ashley Olson.

Family and Story 

Since Michelle was about 6 months old she was raised by Joey, Danny, and Jesse. She never knew her mother, Pamela Tanner, because she died in a car crash by a drunken driver a few months after Michelle was born. Michelle is sometimes upset by the fact she never remembered her mother. Her two sisters, DJ & and Stephanie Tanner, love Michelle and sometimes get jealous of her for getting attention from everybody. She really developed a very close bond with Joey Gladstone and Jesse Katsopolis since she was raised by them since she was a baby. In season 4, Jesse got married to Rebecca Donaldson and Jesse had to move out of the house which left Michelle devastated. Jesse and Michelle both shed tears about the fact that Jesse wouldn't live there anymore. Jesse realized later that he wanted to stay with the Tanners (and Joey) so Becky reasoned that they could move in to the attic and Joey could take Jesse's old room. During season 5, Michelle turned 5 years old and on the same day, her cousins, Nicky and Alex Katsopolis were born, she became friends with Nicky and Alex and wanted to hold them when they returned from the hospital. During season onward Michelle shared bedrooms with her sister Stephanie, which at first doesn't go very well. Michelle didn't like it when Jesse didn't spend as much time with her as he used to before he got married leading to the famous quote "Uncle Jesse locked me out!" as the series progressed Michelle was getting more mature and eventually grew up enough to stop saying "You got it dude!" quote that is usually thought upon when talking about Michelle. Michelle in Season 5 tried to ride a bike without training wheels with help from Joey, she gets hurt but later forgives Joey for the accident. In the season 6 Come Fly With Me" (Michelle was almost 6)Michelle felt bad about not spending time with DJ who started dating Steve while in Spain. She started to feel left out and boarded a plane with Stephanie bacause Stephanie wanted to go say good-bye to a boy she met. The plane took off and was headed for Auckland,New Zealand, which Michelle thought about going to jail for being a stowaway. She and Stephanie got the next plane back to America and the two got in trouble for it. Michelle, in the next episode, kidnaps her best friend Teddy so he won't have to go to Amarillo, Texas. Joey unties him out and tells Michelle off for kidnapping her best friend.In the next episode, Jesse's single"Forever" was#1 in Japan and took Himself, Becky, and the twins to Japan to perform a couple of concerts. Stardom went to Jesse's head and he forgot to write to Michelle and call home. He came home and found Michelle and Comet digging a hole to Japan which was only a couple of inches deep. Jesse told Michelle that he turned down an offer to take a year-long tour across the Pacific. Back to season 3 Michelle and her sisters cared for a pregnant dog named Minnie that gave birth to several dogs, the owner said the family could keep one and Michelle chose the one that liked Jesse's bed, and wanted it to be named Michelle but instead the family named him Comet and Michelle and Comet became close since. Joey and Jesse directed a play Michelle starred in ("Yankee Doodle") but was replaced at the last minute.The next episode had Joey playing in a charity hockey game and Michelle wants Joey to play nice so he won't have to see a "Meanie Joey." Michelle then told Joey to go cream the other team which Joey obligingly did and won the winning goal. Several episodes later, Steve gave Michelle a Valentine Cookie and Michelle thought Steve wanted to marry her. Steve thought it was a joke and Michelle was upset by this but quickly recovered.

 In season 7, Michelle scored the winning goal for the opposite team on accident, she got the nickname "Wrong Way Tanner." Her Great-Grandfather  Papouli Katsopolis came for a visit and he and Michelle got along well but he died during his visit, Papouli said he was going to teach "Little Michelle's" Class a greek dance, and now that he died Michelle couldn't hold down his promise. When She comes to terms with Papouli's death, she cries in Jesse's arms. With help from her Aunt Becky, Michelle entered a soapbox derby a few episodes later. She put a rose on the car and thanks to it, Michelle won thanks to the rose. During the season finale, a rich business man wanted to buy the Tanner household but Michelle was dead set on staying. Ultimately,the Tanners kept their home.